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Class II Brine Injection Wells of Ohio

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

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  1. lyn says:

    I would like to know if there’s anything brewing with Utica or shale drilling in my area now or in the near future.
    That area is Lexington twp/alliance,ohio.
    North of Edison or rt. 619 along McCallum Ave.
    Thank you, Lyn

    • Will Flannigan says:


      According to our map, there is a well that’s been permitted near rt. 619. The permit is on land between Freshley Ave NE and McCallum Ave NE. The land is leased by Chesapeake Exploration LLC. We will be updating our records shortly. If anything changes, I will let you know.


  2. Roger Baker says:

    Question: My neighbor drills a well. My mineral rights are sold to the same company. They go under my land.Do I also get a share of revenue and how is that determined?

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