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Northwest PA- Utica Point Pleasant Potential

Range Resources, NW PA, Utica/ Point Pleasant Potential

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  1. William V. Crosby says:

    What does the yellow area on Utica/Point Pleasant Potential map from the Range Resources Q1 2012 presentation represent?
    I own some OGM rights within that area. Any response will be deeply appreciated.

    • Will Flannigan says:

      Hi Mr. Crosby,

      We took a close look at that map. The yellow section seems to represent areas where Range Resources owns or is leasing acreage.

      Thanks for visiting our site! If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please let us know.


    • Alan says:

      William, I am pretty sure the yellow areas are townships in which Range holds leases and/or has producing wells.

  2. Tim Church says:

    What does Point Pleasant Absent dotted line that runs across PA mean?

    • Katie Woods says:

      Hi Mr. Church,

      The Point Pleasant Absent line shows where the Point Pleasant Formation ends. The Point Pleasant Formation lies underneath the Utica Shale and is the producing level.

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

      • Tim Church says:

        Thank you for your quick response to my question. My property is just above/on the Point Pleasant line–does this mean that my property does not have gas production / lease potential?

        • Katie Woods says:

          There is a potential for oil or gas in that area according to most maps available.

          • Joe A. says:

            Katie- your comment about oil potential on maps above Point Pleasant Absent Line. Does this mean there is potential for oil in Erie County ?

          • Katie Woods says:

            Hi Joe,

            According to this publication from the U.S. Geological Survey (, it is believed that Utica Shale oil is located in Erie County.

          • We are landowners of a 270 acre parcel of land
            at Phillipsville Rd. and Page Rd., at Rt. 8 in Wattsburg, Pa. Low pressure and high pressure distribution lines owned by National Fuel Gas are located on the property.

            Adamek#1 well four miles north drilled 7000′ -good gas shows-Utica 179′ – never completed.

            Stedman Energy recently drilled a shallow oil well
            at Hway 89 and Rt.8 in Lowesville just 4 miles east of our property. Results not published.

            Nucomer Energy owns our lease. Existing Medina well- almost no production.

            EmKey Energy,Ltd controls Nucomer Energy. Emkey completed a gas processing plant in the area
            and Nucomer purchased 2,000+ acres of leases in the area and continues to purchase leases from Seneca Resources (NFG). Interest seems to be in
            Upper Devonian (Rhinestreet)..shallow strata – inexpensive to drill-slow decline-long production. Possible shallow oil play?? We have interest to attract a company to drill production when the timing is right…Assessment of potential?? George Vietze 814-464-7800

  3. Matthew I says:

    Can you show a map of Utica shale in the New York region? Does it extend under Warwick County NY?

  4. Rich says:

    will they ever drill the point pleasant in Cawford county pa and why are all the wells being drilled in ohio

  5. Rich says:

    I seems with all the land being sold between the oil & gas company they are the only ones getting RICH

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