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State board approves natural gas power plant in Oregon, Ohio

Monday, December 25, 2017 by


In a few short weeks, construction will begin on Oregon, Ohio’s second major natural gas-fueled power plant, according to The Toledo Blade.

The Ohio Power Siting Board agreed to issue a permit for the $900 million project to a Massachusetts developer, who plans to build the 955-megawatt project on behalf of Clean Energy Future-Oregon, LLC. The plant is expected to be operational in 2020. It will be situated next to the 960-MW Oregon Clean Energy plant that became operational over the summer.

Both natural gas-fired plants are attractive to the 13-state regional grid operator that includes Ohio, PJM Interconnection LLC, because each will have the capacity to produce more electricity than FirstEnergy Corp.’s cash-strapped Davis-Besse nuclear plant in nearby Ottawa County.

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