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  1. charlie wise says:

    We own 112 acres with an old non-producing Rose Run well. We have not received any royalty or house gas in over two years. I think our old lease should be null and void. Do we really have to hire an attorney to be released? Most attornies want 10% to 30% of all future lease payments and royalties. I think that is a exorbitant.

    • Bob Smith says:

      Charlie – Check out Ohio Revised Code Paragraph5301.332. Tells you how to get out of your leaseif they do nothing. You can do this yourself but have to adhere to the time frames in the law. Contact me if you want.

  2. Robert Jewell says:

    Charlie, I am not a lawyer but I can tell you your lease contract has been breached by non payment and free gas from a well on your property used or not is not considered a royalty.You should be able to find a lawyer that would get your lease terminated for alot less than that.Wanting that much tells me they know it’s a sure thing.

  3. Dave Boyd says:

    I have 47 acres of mineral rights in Stark Co. When I bought the property it had 2 wells (Clinton) still working but the one well had casing problems and was plugged about7-8 years ago. My lease on that well only used 23 acres, I would like to know if that frees up that part for a new lease agreement? The other well still produces gas and a little oil. Does this means all my land is still held by this well’s lease?

  4. glenn smith says:

    Have a gas lease on 100 acres here, seems previous owner and gas company leaser of the gas rights let his son run a gas line to his house . Lease states that well can go to just one dwelling which is ours. Does this void the lease ? The gas company knew of this and let it happen.

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